The list of producers and integrators of ASCEA


The list of producers and integrators of ASCEA, having experience work in RK.

At present the several organizations gained the positive experience on creation (including to designing) of ASCEA in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • JSC RPC (НПЦ-research-and-production center) “Eleteh”, Almaty;
  • "Elektrouchet LTD" LLP Almaty;
  • “Zeinet” LLP, Almaty;
  • “TNS-Intec” LLP, Almaty;
  • “TransEnergosbyt-Kazakhstan”, Petropavlovsk;
  • “NPO Mir” OOO, Omsk.

The statistics of analyses of successful design decisions, accumulated by System Operator of WEM, permits to make following conclusions:

To complete the measuring complexes of electric power accounting, there is designed the measurement instruments entered in the State Register of system provision of measurement assurance of RK:

  • Voltage and current measuring transformer produced at the plants of Zaporozhie and Samara;
  • Electricity supply meter produced by “Elster Metronika”, Moscow and “Nizhegorodskii” plant after Phrunze”.

As an hardware-software instruments of ASCEA, the equipment of following producers are used:

  • “NPO Mir”, Omsk;
  • “Elster Metronica”, Moscow;
  • “Siemens”, Germany.