The main asset of the Company is a National Power Grid comprising 24,893.46 km of 35-1150 kV high voltage electricity transmission lines and 77 electric power substations with the installed transmission capacity of 36,244.55 MVA

The high voltage lines and electric power substations ensure the crossborder electric power flows, transmit electric power from power plants and connect the regional power companies and major consumers


Taking into account the development prospects of the interregional network and power delivery, the scheduled commissioning of new generating capacities, the Company pursues the active investment policy aimed at the upgrading of the national power grid, the construction of new electric power facilities to meet the consumer needs in electricity in the country, and create the export and transit potential

The power industry for the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is of great importance as the key national industries such as metallurgy and oil and gas production are the highly energy intensive industries


In 2015, the Company’s employees submitted 60 applications with rationalization proposals

Due to the measures on loss reduction implemented in 2015 the decrease in electricity losses amounted to 4.389 million kWh


KEGOC service consumers include legal entities: power generators, power transmission entities, power suppliers and industrial enterprises

Compared to 2014 the revenues increased by 28.0% or by KZT 36,670.7 million, including operating revenues increase by 17.7% or by KZT 16,541.7 million


In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Power Industry the System Operator is entrusted with the organization of the capacity market operation in the Republic of Kazakhstan


KEGOC considers corporate governance as the means to enhance the Company’s performance, strengthen its reputation and reduce the cost of raised capital

KEGOC enjoys a leading position in the group of Samruk-Kazyna companies with regard to the corporate governance level, which is 85% based on the results of the diagnostics carried out in 2015


In its activities, KEGOC interacts with power systems of other states, such as the Russian Federation, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Republic of Tadzhikistan

The Company participates in the work of international organizations such as the CIS Electric Power Council, the Eurasian Economic Commission of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Coordination Electric Power Council of the Central Asia, the World Energy Council, the EURELECTRIC association, the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy, the Energy Charter ‘Settlement of Investment Disputes,’ etc.